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Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday!

Today was the funeral for my sister\’s brother-in-law. I hope it went well. I haven\’t heard from them and I don\’t want to bug either her or my dad when they might be with family, so I will wait.

I picked up my new glasses today while I was waiting for my friend I take to the school for the blind. I had to get bifocals (progressives) this time around so it\’ll take a bit to get used to them.

But I could definitely tell the difference in my distance vision, I didn\’t realize things like the clouds were so blurry lol. I could see the detail in the clouds and the like that I have been missing.

I also notice the difference in near vision for reading, but looking through the right spot in my glasses for reading will take some getting used to, lol.

They warned me to only wear my new glasses and not switch back and forth with my old glasses for at least two weeks while my eyes adjust to using the progressives.

Work-wise, in the afternoon, I focused on getting the conversion tracking right on one of my pages. I figured out why it\’s counting more conversions than there actually are and that\’s because of one of the \”features\” of the page builder I used. 

Grr I hate that feature. I\’m still struggling with the tracking and I don\’t think I\’ll be able to get it working in this page builder unfortunately, because of that feature.

Tomorrow I will be focusing on Traffic Magic… shh.

Have you voted on the ebook covers yet?  Please do, I want to hear from you. Your input on that and the learning centered sites is very valuable!

It\’s amazing what AI\’s can do. Do you want to create some images like the ones I showed you yesterday?  

Here\’s one of them again!  And all my featured images on my blog will be my own from now on.  Don\’t you want to do that too?

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To your success!

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