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Rosina here. Happy Thursday! Hope you’re having a great week!

Yesterday, I had a treatment and quite the headache afterward, so I didn’t write.  Still have a headache today, but it’s not as bad.🤨

So, did you go check out my book yet?!?

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I was planning on working on another one this week, but I haven’t been active enough on it.

I’ve been listening to Russell Brunson’s podcast lately and in it he’s been talking about Funnel Hubs.

Definitely an interesting topic and something I should make for myself and for some potential clients.

If you haven’t listened to Russell Brunson’s podcast, I highly recommend it – though you have to watch because he will attempt to get you to buy something in nearly every podcast, lol.

Now while I like what Russell teaches, I don’t like his software that much and I can do everything he has them do with other tools where I have the power and authority over how they work – and I like that –  and I can make them do things that they haven’t developed into Clickfunnels yet (if they ever will) because there are a lot more developers with the knowledge and aptitude to build it into WordPress.  And WordPress is much more flexible to do things the way you want to do them – you’re not stuck with the one way Clickfunnels is aimed at doing things.

So, even-though I have a Clickfunnels account just so I can see what Russell is doing, I much prefer WordPress and use it for building sites for myself and any clients.

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You’ll be delighted!

Have a great Friday!


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