Catching Up

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday!  Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Happy Belated Father’s Day to all you Fathers :).  Also Happy Solstice.

A good friend and dedicated reader of my messages sent me a message. today to see if I was okay… You see, she had noticed that I hadn’t produced very many messages lately and she was missing them.  

To quote her:  “You are such an engaging writer! I love reading your posts. Keep it up!”

It was awesome to hear what she thinks of me as a writer, and I admit, I have been poor at getting back into the habit of writing regularly since I got out of the hospital.

So! I promise to try to do better and get that habit going again!

The last little while I have been working on a new book I am going to publish.  I am nearly finished, so I will announce it soon, probably by the weekend, so look forward to it!

I have also been keeping busy with some non-business stuff. 

I had my last physical therapy appointment today.   It’s taken a while to get through them all even though there was only 4 appointments altogether because my trip to the hospital interrupted them. So, I had 2 appointments then the break while I was in the hospital then the final 2 in the pool.

The physical therapist doesn’t think the 4 was enough, especially with the break in there, so she put in her report recommending that the doctor order more.  So I might be back for more soon, lol.

Yesterday, I happened to take a look at my driver’s license and realized that it’s going to expire in a couple more weeks on my birthday.  So, I also had to go to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and renew it and get a Real ID.

It’s a good thing I happened to look at it when I did and got it taken care of before it expired!

I had been about to get a Real ID last October, but when they noticed how soon my driver’s license was going. to expire, they recommended I wait until closer to the expiration date so I didn’t have to pay for my license/ID twice.

Then I forgot about it, lol, so it’s a good thing I looked at my license and noticed the expiration date when I did.

Back in October, the deadline to get a Real ID was April,  so I thought I had missed that, though I haven’t done anything that requires a Real ID, so it’s not that big a deal. And now the deadline isn’t until 2025, so I didn’t miss that deadline after all.

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To your success!


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