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Rosina here.  Welcome to the new week!  Happy Monday! Time for big energy!

I spent some time talking to one of my sisters today. 

She called to ask me some family history questions so she could fix some information in FamilySearch.org. Always important things to do, helping your sister out and doing family history.  

Since I\’m a family history consultant and have spent some time working on it, I know a little bit more about FamilySearch.org than she does. So I spent a little while helping her with that.

Then we got talking about something I had proposed to her several months ago – being a VA (virtual assistant). 

I\’ve decided it\’s time to start passing off some of the time eating repetitive tasks to a VA. She had told me that\’s what she wanted to do when I first proposed it and now that she\’s wrecked her car this week (she was an Uber driver) and realized she wasn\’t doing herself any favors driving for Uber, she really needs the work.  

I won\’t be able to give her nearly enough to fully employ her, but it will be something to help while she looks for another job while waiting until I can fully employ her.

Of course, I could hire a VA on Fiverr with less training needed for FAR less than I\’ll be paying my sister, but she\’s my sister and I want to help her both financially and in learning new skills.

At first it will take more time than and won\’t be done as well as doing it myself (that\’s how things go with a new assistant), but she\’ll learn and soon I\’ll have those tasks off my shoulders! And I can do the things I really enjoy.

Now, I did get some other work done today too, I didn\’t spend all day talking to my sister lol.

I\’ve just about got Traffic Magic ready to be reviewed by Warrior+ so that it can be approved for sale.

And I did some backend stuff to get it ready as well as the front end stuff Warrior+ will be reviewing.  I think the backend stuff is about ready too, so I can deliver the service.

Phew, that was a lot of stuff today… And I had to run some errands and have a mammogram (always so much fun… :P) this morning, so it\’s been a busy day.  Good thing for all the energy of the new week!

How was the start of the new week for you?  Anything exciting or work that just had to be done to share?

I got some more votes on the ebook covers over the weekend. (C is still definitely in the lead) Thank you for voting if it was you, if not, please go vote now! Your input on the learning centered sites and the cover is very valuable.

Remember, if you send in sites where you can advertise your course for me to use in the guide, you\’ll not only get your name on the guide as one of the contributors/authors, you\’ll get rights to use the guide for your purposes – use it as a lead magnet, resell it, whatever.

I\’m always interested in what topics you\’d like to hear about, so be sure to reply to this email and let me know where I should focus.

They can be anything in the internet marketing, online business, or personal development sphere. I\’ve learned a lot in my time online and I want to share it, but I want to share things you\’re interested in. 

Or if you\’re interested in something totally different tell me that too! I might know something about it I can share (I know a lot about service dog training for example :).

Remember to check out CourseReel AI and get your copy to help you build your courses.  It\’s amazing what it can do!

Here\’s the link to see what all CourseReel AI can help with.

And here\’s the link for the special bundle I arranged for you.

To your success!


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