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Build Your Online Course – Find Your Hot Topic

Rosina here. Happy weekend!  Did you have a great day?

Besides going through the mail that\’s been piling up all week, I spent the day working on optin pages and thank you pages and working out details for a new VIP group I\’m going to start offering. 

It was fun stuff!

There\’s always so much to learn and do. I had fun.

The yard didn\’t get cleaned up lol. I guess it can wait until next week. I think it\’s supposed to be warmer next week anyway. Up here in the high desert it can get pretty cold overnight, so it\’s chilly in the morning.

So let\’s talk more about online courses.

Info products really are in HIGH demand.  They are some of the hottest selling products out there.

Now you might think… \”Oh I can\’t make one…\”  \”I don\’t know enough about XYZ topic…\”

But I promise you, you can. And you can find out.

You just have to be willing to do the research your customers are not willing to do.  They pay you to gather the information for them.

So, let\’s talk about what you can do to put one together.

First, you need a topic.

Don\’t just assume you know what people are interested in.  Do some research to find out.

Your first method to find out is to ask Google.

Type some words into google in your niche and see what suggestions google comes up with. These are phrases people have searched for related to your keyword.

You can use Google\’s keyword planner to find out how much people are searching for those phrases.

Compile a list of those phrases.

Check out my next email to find out an even better way of finding a topic.

Tomorrow\’s Sunday, so no update tomorrow. But I\’ll be back on Monday!

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I\’m looking for a few people to work one on one with me. If you\’re the one, reply back with the words \”Tell me more\” and let\’s talk.

Let us know what you think...