Brrr… Cold Traffic… Just What Is It?

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Today was a busy day getting my business stuff ready for me to be gone for a week, as I\’m getting ready to go to Iowa to spend Christmas with my dad and a good part of the rest of my family.

So, I\’m trying to automate everything that I can.

You\’ll still get my Christmas gift messages (they\’re already scheduled) and as many of my regular messages as I can get prepared ahead of time though they probably won\’t have as many personal stories in them as usual. 😀

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I\’ll still be doing some business stuff while I\’m gone – taking my laptop with me of course – just not as much as I would at home.

In case you\’re wondering, I leave Thursday, the 22nd, and I\’ll be back home late on the 29th.

Alright, what do I have for you today…

Let’s talk more about traffic today…

As you can imagine, with the release of Traffic Magic, traffic is a big thing on my mind right now.

Just as we discussed Saturday, of course, it has to be always on the mind for internet marketers.

Because traffic means people and people is what we are working for.

So let’s talk about the kinds of traffic there are.

Traffic can really be broken down into 3 broad categories, usually called: Cold traffic, Warm traffic, and Hot traffic.

Have you heard of those categories before? I bet you have 😀

But I’m going to go into them anyway just so we’re sure we’re on the same page 🙂

Let’s start today with cold traffic, we’ll define warm and hot traffic over the next couple of days.

So cold… brr… 

What does cold mean to you?

Well, it could mean a lot of things, but with respect to marketing…

Cold traffic means it’s people who haven’t heard of you or your product before.  In fact, they may not even realize that they have a problem, let alone that you have the solution for that problem.

Cold traffic is usually not searching for a solution, or they may be searching for a solution to a totally different problem.

Cold traffic is like the fish in the ocean, they are out there just swimming around in a huge ocean of water.  If you go fishing on the ocean, it’s hard to catch anything because it’s such a wide open space.

So what\’s warm traffic?

Check back tomorrow and find out!

Have you looked into Traffic Magic yet? What did you think, let me know!

What kind of traffic do you think Traffic Magic will bring you?  Reply and tell me your thoughts on it as we talk about the kinds of traffic.

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