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Brain and Thought

I spent my day with my friend at her school for the blind.  I got some work done on my new product while I waited for her. 

It is amazing all the weather disruptions we are having. In the east they are having so much rain and out here in the west we are having so much heat and it\’s fueling the fires. 

There are two major fires near me, one has burned 4,000 acres and is only 5% contained and the other is 0% contained and they are having a difficult time battling both of them.

Let\’s consider the brain and thought today, the twelfth step to riches.

Our brains are absolutely amazing. We have barely started to understand how they work and what amazing things they do.

Napoleon Hill calls the brain a broadcasting and receiving station for the impulses of thought.

When we nurture our thoughts with the right feelings and emotions they can manifest so incredibly.  Consider how you nurture your thoughts and what emotions and desires you mix them with.  You might think how it makes them manifest.

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