I organized my next course today. I\’m not sure what I\’m going to call it yet, but I\’m starting the plan for it.

Working on my business is so much fun.  Tell me, what do you enjoy most about your business?  What would you like to learn more about in your business?

Are you blogging?  It\’s another great way to be advertising and definitely something you should be doing especially if you\’re new to online business.

Your blog posts can be simple, they don\’t have to be an in-depth article about something.

You can do something like telling something about yourself, then maybe how you\’re doing in some program you are working on (a great time to promote that program), and then a brief bit about some product you are promoting. Or something like that.

I post on my blog nearly every day and it only takes me a couple of minutes because I take what I write for my email newsletter and turn it into a blog post.  It makes it easy!

It doesn\’t cost much either. You do have to purchase a domain and pay for hosting, neither of which are very expensive.  Then you set up a simple wordpress site and start blogging!

In fact, the basics of setting up your site will be covered in my next product and I\’m planning a more detailed course that will cover every step.

Massive Mail Path is still going strong. Learn to get tons of traffic by mailing thousands of people every day.  Find out where to get those thousands of mails sent!

Click here and pick up your copy if you haven\’t done so already.

John Newman launched Profit Cyclone Reloaded this week. It\’s a great A-Z Blueprint to get easy traffic and conversions. 

Check it out now and see if it could help you get the traffic and conversions you\’re looking for.

Of course when you get your copy of either one, as always I will add 500x solo ads at my membership sites. Just send me your receipt.

Let us know what you think...