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Blogging As A Traffic Source

Rosina here.  Happy Friday! Yay for the weekend!

Hopefully you\’ve had a good and productive week!

I worked with my sister/VA today on a new project she\’s going to do for me. 

I\’m going to transfer all my tracking links from Build Redirects to Clickmagick as I\’ve decided that Clickmagick is a much better tool and the one I\’m going to go with.

There are things I\’ll miss about Build Redirects, but overall Clickmagick is the better choice.

If you don\’t have a link tracker or link cloaker or rotator or any way to get the stats on all your traffic, I highly recommend Clickmagick.

I have been using it for the past couple of months and I can attest to the quality of the tracking and the ease of use of the platform.

And on top of that they have the most incredible support. They have answered every one of my many questions quickly and well and most of the time immediately in online chat.

I have used quite a number of link trackers and Clickmagick is by far the best I\’ve used.

So, on to another traffic method. 

We\’ve talked about Facebook, solo ads, and safelists.

So how about blogging as a source of traffic.

First, what is blogging as a source of traffic?

You probably already know, but let\’s define it anyway.

Blogging is about publishing articles about topics in your niche and as part of that article, encourage people to visit the site you are promoting (or simply capturing those leads right on your blog post).

So what is involved in blogging?

  • You need a blog – that means you need a domain, hosting for that domain, and you need to set up a blog on that domain (this all is not that expensive or as difficult as it sounds) – you can actually set up a blog without all that on a totally free site, but I don\’t recommend it.
  • You need to write articles in your niche regularly, at least several times a week preferrably, and post them on your blog.
  • You need to get your blog ranked in the search engines so that when people search for keywords in your niche your blog appears in the search results.
  • And/or you need to promote your blog posts – that could be done by any of the traffic methods we\’re talking about in this series.

What are the positives of blogging?

  • The traffic you bring in from your blog is VERY high quality traffic – these are people who are really interested in what you have
  • You\’re producing a lot of content you can reuse in other ways

What are the negatives of blogging?

  • You have to produce a lot of content – really not as hard as it sounds, consider my daily emails, I turn each of them into a blog post, if you are doing that you already have an article every day.
  • You need to learn about SEO to get your blog ranked or get someone to do SEO for you.
  • It\’s somewhat cyclical as far as a traffic method goes – you\’re doing it to get traffic to your link, but you need traffic to your blog to get that traffic to your link.

My opinion of blogging:

Blogging is one of those things every marketer should be doing to establish themselves as an authority and develop know, like and trust.  

But unless you\’re really dedicated to it and put a lot of time and money into it, you\’re not going to get a lot of traffic out of it. 

The traffic you do get is going to be very good traffic, just don\’t expect tons without tons of time and money.

So, build yourself a blog and start posting on it regularly even if it\’s as simple as I do and just post your emails to your list on it (make sure you talk about something valuable in them). 

Note, it takes me about 5-10 min to post on my blog each day after I\’ve already written the email to you.

So, what\’s your opinion of blogging after reading this?

Do you already have a blog or considering creating one?

Reply back and tell me about it!

Are there any specific traffic sources you\’d like me to cover?  Reply and ask, and I\’ll cover them!  

Don\’t forget to read Start With Why 

To your success!


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