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Blogging As A Traffic Source Copy

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday!

It rained all night last night, but it had taken a break by the time I got up and was ready for my morning walk.

So, I took my walk… and guess what… it started to snow!

It got colder and colder through the morning and the snow was collecting on the ground

But this afternoon it quit snowing and it\’s supposed to be warmer (depending on your definition of warmer…. 40s probably) tomorrow and Friday.

Oh the joys of winter!

At least we don\’t have 15 feet of snow like they do in some parts of the country!

Well, on to traffic…

How about blogging, today.

Who hasn\’t heard of blogging these days, but let\’s define it anyway 😄.

A blog is a website where you consistently publish articles about some topic.

There are blogs about every topic you can imagine.

I publish a blog post nearly every day – as often as I write an email to you. In fact I use my email to you as a source for my. blog post.

My blog isn\’t as niche specific as you can and probably should be, but it still gets a lot of traffic – organic traffic as I do little to advertise it, 

I don\’t even know where they come from – most likely the search engines, but some might come from the backlinks I\’ve picked up over the years (not tons of them).

So, what does blogging involve?

  • Pick a niche for your blog – even something as simple as your journey, that\’s what mine is
  • Get a domain and hosting
  • Set up a blog – you can use wordpress or one of a ever growing number of other site builders
  • Write content for it regularly
  • Be aware of SEO (search engine optimization), getting backlinks, etc. – how much you do of this depends on your seriousness of using it as a traffic source,  I don\’t do much, but I still get traffic, however the more you do, the more traffiic you will get


  • Blogging not only brings you traffic, but builds you as an authority in your niche
  • High quality targeted traffic 
  • Writing for it can be fun and educational
  • What you publish is there forever
  • Do work once, get traffic forever


  • Depending on your platform, it may require more technical skills
  • Need to learn at least the basics of SEO
  • Need to be consistently publishing new content (consistency is true of everything, so not sure how much of a disadvantage this is 🙂

And, my opinion of blogging?

It is a useful and important skill for the internet marketer, and you should definetly be blogging. Plus it gets you good, high quality traffic. Not tons of it, but you will get very good quality leads from iit.

Some other notes about blogging:

Be careful in choosing a platform for your blog, you want to make sure it is stable, is not going to disappear on you (taking all your hard work with it) and that it will not up and ban you one day for some reason they may or may not tell you (this is the problem with ones like,, etc.), that it will continue to be developed, and that you can easily download your content to protect your work.

For a long time, my favorite platform for blogging (and the one I use) as well as the oldest and one that is NOT going anywhere since it is on your own hosting, has been WordPress (not – that\’s a bad idea – but your own wordpress site). 

But to setup and maintain a WordPress site requires rather more technical aptitude than the beginner usually has and eventhough I am quite technical, I sometimes tire of the maintenance.

WordPress really is the best choice if you are up to learning the technical skills.

If you want to use WordPress, I highly recommend John Thornhill\’s Partner To Success program as he will take you step by step to set it up from knowing absolutely nothing to having a full blown site. 

He also teaches TONS of other valuable things – the sole focus is definitely not building a wordpress site, that\’s just the tool you use to accomplish your business.

It has a $1 trial, so have nothing to lose.

Clickfunnels 2.0 has great promise of being an excellent builder for a blog (as well as your funnels).  (Note, not Clickfunnels 1.0 or Classic as it\’s technically called – it is not suited for blog)

It\’s still in the Beta stage as I write this and is missing many features, but coming from Clickfunnels, you know it will be good and stable and not going to disappear on you.  It\’s also not necessarily for the total beginner, though maybe it will be eventually.

It also has a free trial, so check it out!

Another one I am starting to use is Wix. It has a good history and is a stable platform. It has a good, helpful onboarding series to help you set up a good looking blog in just a few minutes. So, I expect I will be recommending it for the beginner.

There is a lot of education out there about blogging (not all of it good, and a good bit of it very outdated). One program I highly recommend is P.A.I.D. and it also teaches you how to effectively use AI to help you with your blog  – a double bonus.

I don\’t have a link for Wix or P.A.I.D. yet, but I will soon. Let me know you\’re interested and I\’ll be sure to get it to you asap.

So what do you think of blogging?

Do you have a blog?  If so, what\’s the URL?

Reply back and give me your thoughts!

Are there any specific traffic sources you\’d like me to cover?  Reply and ask, and I\’ll cover them!  

Get your copy of Start With Why . I didn\’t read again today, so I don\’t have anything to add about it except that it\’s a great book!

I won\’t be sending out a daily update email tomorrow as I have a church meeting to go to when I would normally be writing, so see you Friday!

To your success!


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