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Rosina here.  It’s the start of a new week!  I hope you had an awesome Sunday!


I have been dealing with terrible low back pain for the past 4 or 5 days.


It’s been horrible trying to go from sitting to standing or standing to sitting.  And if I don’t have enough back support even sitting is terribly painful.  And getting started walking can be horrible.


I didn’t do anything to injure it, it just started hurting one time when I got up from the couch.


I’ve been taking Ibuprofen and that takes the edge off, but it’s still horrible.


I didn’t even stay for all of Church yesterday because I couldn’t sit in the chairs in the Relief Society room, heh.


Well I finally gave in today and called my doctor… but of course she can’t see until Friday (I have an appointment to see her then)…


So I went to the Urgent Care… he explained that it is most likely a muscle spasm and it will go away in time (what I suspected), but I would just have to deal with it.


He ordered a muscle relaxant which of course the pharmacy doesn’t have in stock and they didn’t send it over until after he was gone for the day so they can’t get me anything else unless I go in again and see different doctor on Wednesday (there’s no one to see patients on Tuesday)!


Well that trip to the Urgent care was SOOOO helpful…


But, thank goodness for my family doctor! 


Even though, I haven’t actually seen her, she ordered (based on my talk with her nurse) stronger Ibuprofen than you can get over the counter and a different muscle relaxant (that the pharmacy did have in stock) and she wants me to get an X-ray just to make sure I didn’t somehow damage something.


So, I’ll go do that tomorrow.


I’m sure she’ll call me once she gets the report back to let me know that nothing’s wrong, but she’ll at least be sure of it.


And I’ll see her on Friday to report how I’m doing.


Thank goodness for her!


As a result of all that, I didn’t get much done today, lol.


And, I’m late writing because I went over to the pharmacy to pick up the meds she prescribed, lol.


But hopefully everything will settle down and the pain will go away soon!


Meanwhile, I promised you a report on that auto-poster for WordPress, so let’s keep that promise 😃.


Despite the pain, and around the trip to urgent care, I did spend some time on it today and Saturday.


So, the name of it is Blog2Social and it’s pretty awesome!


It has all the features I found in the other services and even has comparable features to the others for an agency setup (hard for me to evaluate those in any of the ones I evaluated as they don’t come in the free trial, so I just had to take their word for it).


And even at the pro level (not the lowest nor the highest, but probably what most people will use), they let you set up 5 accounts per social media platform, and they have a lot more platforms than any of the others.


And 5 accounts per platform…that blows away everything else! 


SocialPilot was just 10 accounts total, so not even 1 per platform.


I won’t use anywhere near the 5 accounts per platform, in fact, except for Facebook, it’s likely to be at most, 1 per platform, (and many will be none for now).  But it’s nice that I could, if I wanted to, and I’ll probably reach more than the 10 accounts Social Pilot allows quickly.


Facebook is actually 3 separate platforms… one for profiles, one for pages and one for groups… so technically you could have 15 accounts for Facebook.


And note the profiles platform!  NO ONE else has Facebook profiles… NO ONE.


And Facebook profiles is what you really need most on Facebook.


Now, to be honest, Facebook profiles isn’t totally automated like the other platforms are… Facebook is really strict against that, so the process of posting has to be done through the browser not an API (the typical way auto-posting works).


But it will be REALLY helpful to have it do the actual clicking and pasting for you, you just have to be online at the time it posts so you can authorize it.


Other platforms could learn from this… it’s not just something they can do because it’s on WordPress, it has nothing to do with WordPress.


And it includes some of the blogging platforms… Medium, Blogger, etc.  Not all the ones we’ve discussed but some of them, and if you ask for them, you might well get them since development is very active.  And you can still use Zapier for the ones they don’t have.


There is a free level, but it’s very limited (1 account per platform, fewer platforms, and no scheduling – kinda the purpose of this at least for me), and better to help support the development anyway.


The Pro level is only $11 per month, much less than SocialPilot and the Smart level is only $7 per month. The only difference between the two is that Pro allows 5 accounts per platform and Smart allows 3 which may well be enough for many people, though they say the most common level is Pro.


Now, while counting costs…there will be other costs in hosting and maintaining your WordPress site and possibly for other plugins that you use. However, those costs spread out over all the reasons you have your site, so the cost for auto-posting will not be seriously increased by that unless that’s the only reason you have your site (unlikely).


It’s on WordPress, so you know there will be a lot of development effort and people who will have posted problems and solutions.  So, you can probably find an answer to just about any problem you can run into.


And they have support available. I haven’t used it a whole lot yet, but it appears to be good and responsive.


So, the end result… I’m going with Blog2Social and highly recommend it.


“But, Rosina… I don’t have a WordPress site!”


Have no fear, I’m putting together some challenges to help with that!


I’m working hard to get set up and ready to accept members and be the resource I was dreaming of for Success Journey and much more besides!


You do really need a website (for your funnels, if nothing else), and after all my trying to go with pre-built platforms (I’ve tried before, even before Clickfunnels), I keep coming back to that WordPress really is the way to go and it’s worth taking the time to learn it.


And I’m going to provide some ways to help with the maintenance as well, by outsourcing it – just give me a little more time on that.


And there is the option of going with a hosted version of WordPress like at


Now, be sure to write me back and tell me what you think of all this and what you’d most like to see!


To your success!



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