Being Obedient

Genesis 22:10

And Abraham stretched forth his hand, and took the knife to slay his son.


Both Abraham and Isaac demonstrate incredible obedience. Abraham to do as the Lord commanded despite knowing that the Lord was not about human sacrifice and this was his son and heir. And Isaac to allow it to happen and to trust his father that it had been commanded. He was young and his father was well over a hundred. Isaac could have stopped his father if he was not also obedient to the Lord.


Today I am grateful for friends who join me in praying for my brother-in-law who is having major medical problems eventhough they don\’t know him at all.

Random Thoughts

I wonder what my family story is that I shouldn\’t access my genius. I will have to think about it as Gay Hendricks discusses in The Big Leap. He says that the \”new fascination with genius will replace the unconscious fascination with the old programmed story.\”

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