Being A Peculiar Treasure

Exodus 19:5

Now therefore, if ye will aobey my voice indeed, and keep my  bcovenant, then ye shall be a cpeculiar dtreasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:


I learned today that the Hebrew word peculiar was translated from is segullah which means \”valued property\” or \”treasure\”.  For us to be identified as valued and a treasure when we obey the Lord\’s voice and keep His covenants is significant indeed.


I am grateful to learn and grow each day in what I am doing for my business.

Random Thoughts

I was reading today about making changes in our lives. Sometimes it seems so overwhelming all the things we have to change. But you don\’t have to make all the changes all at once. In fact, we probably can\’t make them all at once. But we can pick one thing and work on it and keep working on it each day. Then, when we\’re ready, pick another thing and work on it. And just keep picking one thing at a time and working on it.

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