Begin Anew And Make Plans To Improve Our Soil

As I start this post, I don\’t know what I\’m going to talk about. But with Christmas just passed and on this beautiful New Year\’s day, I think it\’s time to think about beginnings.

Christmas is all about the birth of Christ and New Year is the start of a new year.

Basically, it\’s time to begin anew. It\’s time to make our goals for the upcoming year. 

Brother Milton Camargo, First Counselor in the Sunday School General Presidency talks about the parable of the sower in this month\’s issue of the Liahona and how it not only describes people\’s willingness to accept and live the gospel, but it can also describe our individual progress as we grow in faith and gospel knowledge.

So, as I think of beginning anew, I have to think about where I am in the spectrum of faith and gospel knowledge and how I can improve the soil it\’s growing in.

I think we can each think through this. Where are we and what do we want to do to improve it.

It might be making our study more in-depth. Or it might be putting what we learn into action. Maybe it\’s as simple as helping someone each day.

Each of these things can help improve our soil and there are so many more things.

I think it\’s important to think of one thing you want to improve – your result you want to achieve -, then make goals that will help you along the way to that result – your how you will reach that result.

I think, for me, I want to be more like Jesus. I want to show my love for people by helping them achieve their success. So, I will make the goal of producing one thing each month that helps people along the way to their success. 

I know what that will be for this month, but I have no idea what I will do for the other 11 months. I had better start planning, lol.

And this, too, will help me progress in my success of being more like Jesus by helping people.

Let us know what you think...