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Balancing Life And Business

I spent several hours driving again lol.  One of the downsides to living in a smaller city is having to drive long distances to the bigger ones for some important stuff. 

Even getting to a big store like Target takes almost half an hour. So it\’s a full hour just driving time to run a quick errand.

When you run your own business, you have to allow for the things you need to do in life too. You have to find a way to do both efficiently so that you spend the time on your business that it needs. 

And in the beginning it needs a lot. Once you\’re making enough that you can outsource some of the mundane tasks, it becomes easier, but your business always needs to be a priority and your family needs to be the first priority.  So you have to find a balance.

So, today I have a product from Dawud Islam, a great marketer.  In The Tiger Report you will see the exact strategies you can use today to succeed during a period where most online marketers are seeing their business going backwards.

It has a lot of good information in it you need to see. AND, it has full PLR rights so you can share it and use it as your own.

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