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Away From Pain or Towards Pleasure

Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday!  I hope you\’re having a wonderful beginning to the week.

I had an appointment to go to the DMV to get a Real ID and update my driver\’s license. Only to find out it would be best if I waited until my license was ready to expire in 10 months or so.

Luckily I had an appointment so I didn\’t wait for hours in line to find it out, I got in relatively quickly.  

Unfortunately I missed the Your First Funnel Challenge today for it so I will have to watch the replay. I\’m sure it was good though! Did you get to see it?

Back to our dream customer… The next step of getting into the conversation in your customer\’s mind is to determine which direction they are moving.

People are always moving in one of two directions – either away from pain or towards pleasure.

Which way they are moving makes a BIG difference in the type of conversation they are having in their mind and so how you need to address your marketing material.

The two directions are nearly polar opposites.

Write down what your dream customer is saying in their mind and determine if those thoughts are away from pain or towards pleasure.

There\’s probably some of both.

I discovered Kevin Fahey\’s List Building and Email Marketing Masterclass. It\’s a 27 part video training series and Kevin definitely knows what he\’s doing when it comes to email marketing. It also includes some incredible bonuses including some awesome PLR material you can use.

Check it out yourself and see if you don\’t agree with me.

Let us know what you think...