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Avoiding The Negative Influence Of Others

When I took a walk with my dog this morning it was so much cooler than it has been.  And the rain today has been very good for helping with the fires even if it and the wind has kept the planes fighting the fires out of the air.

There are people on the coast suffering from the flooding tropical storm Kay is bringing to the coast, but overall the change in weather is good.  It is supposed to be about 30 degrees cooler this weekend than it has been.  That\’s quite a difference, lol.

Without a doubt, the most common weakness of human beings is the habit of leaving their minds open to the negative influence of other people.

Think about how often we let ourselves be influenced by the negative thoughts and opinions of others.  It\’s hard not to do it.

To be successful, we have to be firm in our positive thoughts not letting ourselves be swayed by the negative opinions of those around us, even sometimes those closest to us.

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