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Automating Your Business

My day was half filled with cleaning. When you\’re single and you live alone all the cleaning duties rest on yourself lol. I didn\’t get all the cleaning done I needed to, but I got the most important things done.

The rest of the day was spent working on my new product (which was fun) and investigating a new opportunity that I was introduced to by a friend and mentor. I want to share that with you too because I think it is a great opportunity and won\’t take away from the other things I am doing.

You know, there\’s two ways to succeed online.

  1. Learn the skills needed to succeed yourself … or…
  2. Pay someone else to do it for you

I mostly focus on #1. I\’ve worked and learned the skills to succeed.

When you pay someone else to do it for you, it\’s like taking a ride with Uber.  Someone else is in the driver\’s seat and has control. You can\’t control if they get in an accident or take you where you don\’t want to go…

But paying someone to do it for you has its merits too!  I mean there\’s a big chance you\’re going to be okay. And you don\’t have to drive!

Guess how many times I lost money or got scammed online… 

Well it\’s a lot… trust is really an issue sometimes.

Well here\’s the truth of it… I\’m still willing to take a chance on a new business, when it fits the criteria to make sure you\’re joining something good.

  1. The company\’s been around a long time.
  2. You\’re able to talk to real people and get your questions answered.
  3. You can take a trial period test of the system.
  4. You\’re able to actually earn during the trial period and see what happens.
  5. You can verify the company by looking it up on places like BBB

The more money you\’re spending on the business, the more careful you have to be. I mean, I\’m willing to try out something that only costs 10 bucks without really thinking about it.  But when it gets up to 100 or 200 or even more you have to be more careful about it.

Which leads me back to this new opportunity I want to share with you.

It\’s called Automated Blueprint. And just like its name, it\’s one of the most highly automated businesses I\’ve ever seen.

In fact your total time working on it is about 15 minutes per day…

Are you wondering why so little effort needs to be put into it? I certainly was. In fact, I almost dismissed it out of hand because of that. 

But, the truth of it is, you can spend so little time because you are paying someone else to implement the skills you may not currently have right now.

Okay, so it only costs $10 to start, so that\’s awesome. Then their system works to help put new members under you.  If you follow this and the 15 minute advertising method they give you, then let\’s say in one month you get 1-7 members under you, well your earnings would be $200-$600 on a residual basis. Most businesses that allow you to earn $10 per member would take 20 members to earn $200.

So the second month would cost you $200, but you would be earning back your $200 if you had 1 member (there\’s 100% commissions on your first member) plus $100 for every other member you brought in.

The thing is that if you don\’t get your 1-7 new members, you can cancel before your payment due date. In fact, they WANT you to cancel if you don\’t.  This tells me something important: they\’re not interested in scamming you!

They only want those who are succeeding to have to pay. So basically, if you\’re successful, you will be paying 200 to earn 400 or more. I definitely would do that all day (lol). And each month you can conceivably earn monthly residual income and large paychecks too which can turn into a LOT of money with only a FEW members.

And you only need to pay out ten bucks (one time) to find out how successful you can be with it!

One more thing. This business does almost everything for you.

  • They create your custom sales page.
  • They close sals for you with a live sales agent.
  • They deal with training your new members (PERSONALLY!)
  • They take you completely out of the equation – except for the 15 mins of advertising you do each day.
  • And they give you a live coach you can talk to (and yes, I signed up today and I talked to my live coach already today).

I love it!

Why do I love it? Because it\’s another income stream for me that I can add and don\’t have to spend too much time on.  That way I can focus on building my other sources of income and doing the things that I really enjoy.

Obviously, you will notice that I used my skills to promote it in this post. And you can do the same too, but you don\’t have to to be successful with this.

Of course I always encourage learning and using real skills because it puts you in the driver\’s seat (and millionaires all know the importance of being in control – but they also know the importance of automation).

So check it out! I\’m not the expert here, but you can find out everything you need to know. And you can even talk to a real live person on the phone and get all your questions answered with no heavy sales pitch. They just answer your questions and let you make the decision – I know because I called and talked to them.

Click here to find out all the answers to your questions!

After you get started, you\’re going to get a text from your new success coach. They will also email you (and call you too if you\’re open to that). 

I would love to know how you\’re doing and be there for you too. So simply send me an email with: \”Rosina, I got started!\” and I will definitely welcome you aboard and offer to help you too!

And of course, when you get started, I will also throw in 500 x FREE SOLO ADS plus 2 MILLION FREE CREDITS at my membership sites.

To claim, send your receipt to [email protected].

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