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Authentic Influence – The Second Pillar of Attraction Marketing

Rosina here.  Happy Friday! 

I hope you didn\’t find out your whole subfloor in the bathroom and part of the dining room is ruined!

Because that\’s what I found out. Oh the joys of home ownership…

Now I probably have to survive through the weekend with no water before there\’s any more movement on the project. 

And, I have to deal with the insurance agency. I hope they are easy to work with.  I have been a good, paying customer for 20+ years with no claims… they better be good to me!

Well, let\’s get on to Attraction Marketing.

Remember that the first Pillar of Attraction Marketing is mastering audience attraction.

And not just any audience, but the type of audience that will be interested in your offer or opportunity.

Now the second pillar goes a step further and is authentic influence.

To me, authentic influence means being honest and valuable in every way when you are saying or doing things that influence people in your audience, or others in general, but this focus is on your audience.

So that you are really you in all your communications with people.

So that your communication really means something to them.

What does authentic influence mean to you?  I\’d be interested in your thoughts on it!

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Now, I haven\’t tried them, so I can\’t give a rave review of my experience with them. But everything I\’ve read about them sounds positive.

Of course, they have their detractors that just don\’t like the idea, but it seems they deliver on their promise starting within 1 week of your order.

And often those people you bring in through this bring in their whole team so you end up with even more people in your downline.

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And do let me know how well it works for you!

To your success!

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