Are We Putting The Cart Before The Horse?

Phew! I didn\’t think I was going to get to write you today!

My email provider suffered a MAJOR denial of service attack today and was mostly offline since before midnight last night until maybe an hour ago or so.

And since these posts start out as emails…

I feel for those people working on the problem! They were working hard to solve it.

And they got it fixed!

Well I hope you had a marvelous Sunday and great start to the new week

Mine has been a wet, but great couple of days

The rain was supposed to end today, but as of this moment, it\’s still raining, lol

The rain is much needed due to the drought, but it would be nice if it were spread out a little more, lol.

Due to the rain, there have been more road collapses, huge mud/rock slides and big trees falling.

I huge rockslide blocked off a whole community and about 70 people had to be airlifted out. 

It will take months to clean it up.

Well I was studying some on traffic the last few days (well longer than that in truth, but this specific thing came up the last few days, lol)

And they made a really good point

Often we as producers and marketers tend to put the cart before the horse.

We work on this great new product or review of a product or choosing a product or whatever we do to get something to sell without considering who we will sell it to.

It is far easier to find a product for your traffic than it is to find traffic for your product.

We really need to first build our tribe and get to know them and what their wants and needs are first.

Then we can create or find products that satisfy those wants and needs.

It is far easier to get sales when we are presenting them with what we know they want than it is to convince them that they want what we have to sell.

You see this in a lot of marketers way of doing things.

And you see it in a lot of way of teaching things.

Getting traffic is taught last, kind of as an afterthought.

Something you know you have to do, but dread doing so you put it off for last.

When it really should be the first thing you think about and work on.

Always be preparing and bringing in new traffic.

And most importantly, getting to know them, (That\’s why I\’m always asking you questions – to get to know you and I love it when you answer :).

Where do you fit in this?  Is your cart before your horse?

I know mine has been at times, though I\’m working harder at getting traffic first these days (even before I found this little nugget).

One way I\’m doing this is by working harder on being consistent in my Facebook group.

If you\’re not already a member of my group, come join it!

It\’s a place where we can interact more and share ideas and thoughts.

It\’s not very big, but I\’m working on growing it.

To your success!



PS. Have you joined Traffic Magic yet?

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