And Next The Hot Traffic… What Does It Mean?

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday! How was your big Wednesday?

Only 4 days to Christmas! Can you believe that?

And I didn\’t get nearly as much done as I needed to, lol!

But I did get done some videos to help my new VA/sister with some tasks I need her to do. They\’re not huge things, but those little things that you have to do every day add up.  

And my making the videos will make it easier for her to see what she has to do and have something to refer back to.

But I didn\’t get my emails to you written and scheduled.  So I haven\’t decided what I\’m going to do. Maybe I\’ll just log in every couple days and send you a quick email.  

I can probably work that in between time with the family.  But if you don\’t hear from me as much over the next week, know that my family is the most important thing to me and I\’ll be spending time with them.  

Family really is very important.  I\’m sure it is for you too!  

So, now, before we go on Christmas break, let\’s talk about the third category of traffic…

But first remember that cold traffic doesn\’t know you or your product and may not even know they have a problem.

Warm traffic knows they have a problem and are searching for an answer. They have probably heard of you and/or your product.

So based on that, can you guess what hot traffic is?

Hot traffic knows about you and your product and is ready to buy. They just need to be told where to go.

Hot traffic is like fish in the little pond, they are just waiting for the excuse to grab the hook. 

You just need to put the bait in front of them and they\’ll hop on it.

So, when I come back from Christmas we\’ll start talking about which of the three categories you should be going after… 

I\’ll have you comping at the bit!

I’m leaving tomorrow, the 22nd to go to my sister’s house and we (her family and I) are heading to her in-law’s place for the night. 

Then we fly to Iowa early in the morning of the 23rd.  We\’ll be landing in Des Moines, Iowa, then driving 3 hours across Iowa to get to my Dad\’s place.

I’ll get home late in the evening of the 29th (don’t expect a story that day 🙂.  After three hours in the car in Iowa, then 5 hours or so in planes and airports, then another 2 hours to drive home from the airport, I won’t be up to any writing that night lol.

I\’ll probably be going back down to south LA for my Aunt\’s funeral on the 30th so I may not get an email written that day either.

Be sure you get signed up for Traffic Magic. I\’ll be watching the support for that even while I\’m gone, so I\’ll get you set up ASAP

What kind of traffic do you think Traffic Magic will bring you?  Reply and tell me your thoughts on it as we talk about the kinds of traffic.

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To your success!


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