silver tabby cat on gray carpet

An Amusing Pair

Rosina here. Happy Tuesday!  I kept busy doing a variety of things, but it was one of those days where you feel like you didn’t get anything finished, lol.

I’m looking back at my message from yesterday and it looks like it was from Sunday…. so I think I sent the wrong message yesterday, heh.

Sorry about that. I didn’t mean for you to get the same message two days in a row.

I’m still working away on the new ebook – I worked on it yesterday and today, but I didn’t finish it yet.  It’s all written, just takes time to get it all looking good.

I also spent some time tonight on a promotion for an affiliate product that you’ll want to see.

Now my cat has been cuddling up very near me a lot lately.  He finds a spot near me and rests his head on my leg or somewhere like that.

Today, he hid away in a paper bag that was sitting on the couch next to me.  So he had his head sticking out on top of the books that were stuck out of the top of the bag.

He stayed there until my dog came and stuck his nose at him, then the cat pulled more into the bag hiding away from the dog.  But he didn’t have to hide long, the dog left and went back to sitting on the end of the couch.

The cat and dog can be quite an amusing pair, lol.

To your success!


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