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Always Be Building Your List And Split Testing

Rosina here. Happy Tuesday!   I hope you had an awesome day!

I had a very busy one, taking my friend to the school for the blind and attending two webinars today.

Wasn\’t Michael Cheney\’s onboarding session for Profit Alliance great!  His story of Jim totally mirrored many people\’s experience trying to become successful at internet marketing.  I hope you attended too!  If you didn\’t catch my review, here it is.

There\’s so much to do tomorrow and the insurance company is sending an inspector out tomorrow to look at my damage from the burst pipe. What the difference between an inspector and an adjuster (that can\’t come out for 2 more weeks) is, I don\’t know but hopefully this will let progress start happening.

Let\’s get back to talking about list building…

It\’s important to always be building your list.

And it\’s important to always be testing everything, your lead magnet, your headline, your landing page,  

Always be split testing and \”rinse, reuse, repurpose.\”  Always take what you learn from each split test (even if it\’s that something didn\’t work) and apply it in another test.  

Do you know how to A/B split test?  It sounds complicated but it\’s really not, and some tools make it easy to do (and you should definitely be using tools that make it easy).

The concept is this.  You make a copy of your page or email or whatever you are testing and change one thing about it.  Then you run a bunch of traffic to it, half of which go to your original version (A) and half of which go to your changed version (B).  

And you see which version does better at producing the desired result – that might entering their email address or clicking a link or making a purchase or whatever result you want and can measure. 

Whichever version does better, you make that your version A and repeat the process.  Thus the term A/B split testing.

It\’s important that you test one thing at a time. Don\’t change the headline, and the button and the background color. Only change one thing, then test, then rinse and repeat. 

Testing is an ongoing process and it\’s very important. Don\’t think \”Oh, I\’ll do that someday\”. Do it now, with all of your pages and everything.

One last related comment. Be sure to tell people exactly what to do. Don\’t assume they\’ll know to put their email in the box… tell them to enter their email.

Have you checked out Kevin Fahey\’s List Building and Email Marketing Masterclass yet?

It really is excellent and covers the things I\’ve been writing about in far more detail.  Be sure to click that link and get your copy today. Then go through the course and take in what he teaches.  You must always be learning or you\’ll never progress.

To your success!

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