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Acquiring Power

I hope you had a good Thursday and that you got a lot accomplished. That always makes one feel good 😀. 

I spent the day catching up on things that had gotten put off the previous few days. Toward the end of the day I got to work on the course I\’m putting together and got a couple videos done for it. 

Tomorrow I will be more focused and get more done for it.

Let\’s talk today about POWER.

Plans alone are inert and useless without the power to put them into action.  Plans only matter when they are put into action. And it takes power to carry through that action.

So the question remains, how can power be acquired.  If power is organized knowledge, it may be attained through

  1. Infinite intelligence, that which permeates all of us and is in and around us that we can contact through creative imagination.
  2. Accumulated experience, the accumulated experience of civilization that has been classified and recorded.
  3. Experiment and research, people are always gathering new information and organizing and classifying it. Here too frequently creative imagination may be used.

That power is important to put forth action to carry out our plans and reach success.  

Working with a group of people in a spirit of harmony brings a great deal of power to your plans as you avail yourself of the experience and experiment and research of those individuals.

This is called the Master Mind and is the ninth step to riches.

Contemplate who is in your Master Mind and if they are in a spirit of harmony with you or if you would like to bring others into your Master Mind who will be.

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