Acknowledging To The Lord

JST, Exodus 10:1

\"\"And the Lord said unto Moses, Go in unto Pharaoh: afor he hath hardened his heart, and the hearts of his servants, therefore I will show these my signs before him;

Pharaoh had a hard time acknowledging the Lord. Sometimes we all have a hard time (hopefully not as hard as Pharaoh, but still). The Lord tries to show us evidence if we will see it and have faith.


I am grateful for the wonderful couple who took me in while I was in Utah this last week and let me stay with them.

Random Thoughts

I\’m back from my trip to Utah. It was a long drive, but it was good to go to the funeral and see family again. We had a very nice time together and Heather enjoyed the things we did together just as a family that wasn\’t all about Loren.  I hope she continues to feel our love as things settle down and she has time to herself. I know this time will be hard for her as everything settles down and everyone goes home and she picks up the pieces.

What I did great today:

  • I put together the bonus page for Scarcity Tools.
  • I added 4 new bonuses to my collection in Commission Gorilla.
  • I attended the Ministry of Freedom Mindset Zoom call.


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