A Way Around A Aweber/Clickfunnels Integration Shortcoming

Rosina here.  Happy Monday. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I spent a good part of my Sunday helping a friend of mine from church with her family history.  I helped her understand how she could use the hints the computer found for her to improve the records.

I am to be released from that calling as I\’m now the ward technology specialist and have other duties to perform, but I told her I would continue to help her if she wanted me to.

My cat, tonight, has decided to occupy my side of the bed, right in the middle of it, making it difficult for me to get into bed too, lol.

I could always kick him off, of course… but… I just can\’t bring myself to do that, so I\’m doing my best to settle in around him, lol.

I spent some time today preparing a new optin page and accompanying emails to introduce an incredible masterclass from Michael Cheney.

Check it out here!

In the process I learned some unfortunate things about the Aweber/Clickfunnels integration and how to get around its shortcomings.

You see, that integration doesn\’t update subscribers that may already be on the list, it only adds new subscribers to the list.

Which means, you can\’t add a tag to an existing subscriber only to new subscribers, so there\’s no way to trigger a new email sequence if they are already on your list.

I\’ve put in a feature request to correct that shortcoming, but with Clickfunnels 2.0 out, I don\’t really expect they are putting much into CF Classic (in fact, they\’ve stated they aren\’t).

However, perhaps they will take it into consideration when they get around to doing an Aweber integration for CF 2.0 (the lack of integrations is one of the reasons I don\’t use CF 2.0 much though I do have access to it).

There is a way to get around this shortcoming and it\’s not too difficult, so a how-to is my topic for tonight 😄 .

First of all, set up your form the way you want it on your page in CF.

Next, create a form in Aweber with the. same fields. You don\’t have to make it look pretty or anything – no one is going to see it – just make sure it has the same fields as your form in CF.

Don\’t forget to add the tags you need assigned to the subscribers.

Add the destination/thank you page URL as your thank you page URL. You definitely need to set this because the destination will no longer be controlled by CF.

Save your form and get to the publish page. Choose the option that you will install it yourself on your website and select the Raw HTML version of your form.

Now, back in CF, open the integrations and instead of picking Aweber, select Null (HTML).

That will open up a place for you to enter the code from Aweber. Copy the code in Aweber between the <form> … </form> tags – you don\’t need all of the code, just what\’s between those two tags, though I don\’t think it will hurt to copy all of it (but don\’t quote me on that, it\’s just guess, I haven\’t tried it).

Paste what you copied into the block in CF.

Then click the Parse Code button.

Then your form fields will appear below the code block and you need to match them up with the form fields from the Aweber form – a very straightforward process, just click the dropdown boxes and select the fields.

That\’s it! You\’re all done.

Note: don\’t click the parse button again as it will reset your form fields and you\’ll have to match them again.

Just close the sidebar, save your page and go test it out!

There you go…. It\’s really easier than it sounds, so take advantage of it 😃.

We didn\’t talk about anything from Start With Why, but be sure to read it!

Reply back to me and tell me what you learned from this or just say \”Tell me more\” and I will.

To your success!


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