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A Story Of A Thanksgiving Day

Rosina here.  Happy Friday!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I certainly did! I had a great time playing games with my sister\’s family and eating more food than I usually eat in 3 or 4 days, lol!

They were playing Five Crowns when I arrived, so they added me in and I played the last hand with them where the kings were wild.   And we had some chips and dip.

Then we played Throw Throw Burrito, a game where the whole point of it is to throw burritos and be silly. I managed to get two burritos at once and throw them at my niece and hit her, so I won the duel we were having. But she won the game with the Fear Me and winning a duel with her mom. (I told you this game was about silliness.)

At the same time we had some Jalapeno Poppers that my brother-in-law made and were very good, though a little spicy for my sister\’s taste, lol.

Next, we played Machi Koro (sp?). And I lost solidly with only two attractions built in my city, and constantly rolling a 1 that caused me to give all my coins to my nephew who had no problem winning.

Then, we had more chips and dip and some other snacks.

We watched an episode of Star Trek (original series) while dinner finished cooking and chatted about various things, especially related to Star Trek, but also some other things.

We had a great dinner of prime rib as well as some more traditional Thanksgiving side dishes.

We played another game of Five Crowns (because my brother-in-law\’s mother loves it and it was her turn to pick the game) where I stayed solidly in the middle until near the end, when I came close to winning but was beat out by my nephew.  Everyone but my nephew got into the 3 figure club in this time around, though my sister got there fairly early (like in hand 3 or 4) and stayed in last place until the very last hand where my niece overtook her and snatched defeat from the jaws of defeat. 🙂

Then my sister finished putting together the banana cream pie (and I made the whipped cream – my sister always asks me to make it because I can do it without a recipe and she always has to have a recipe… I just throw some amount of sugar and vanilla in the bowl that seems right for the amount of cream and whip it up). Banana cream pie always reminds both of us of childhood since it was one of my mother\’s favorite pies to make. 

So we had banana cream pie and sweet potato pie (I had pie with my whipped cream – or in other words LOTS of whipped cream on my pie – and I wasn\’t the only one, lol). They were both very good.

Then I headed home, by which time it was very dark, about 9pm.  The traffic was worse than on the way down but still not too bad.

We didn\’t get to play my favorite game which is Fluxx. Which is probably a good thing because Eric\’s mom hates it (so does my dad, but that didn\’t matter because he wasn\’t there, lol) because in Fluxx the rules change constantly.

So there we go, my fun Thanksgiving in a nutshell (a very large nutshell ;). I do hope you had a great time with your family and/or friends, even if you are not in the US and celebrating it :).

I was still in somewhat of a food stupor today, but I managed to get some good things accomplished anyway.

I\’ll leave off talking about our online course today, but we\’ll pick it up again tomorrow.

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