Rosina here.  How\’s your Thursday?  Hope you had a great one!

I took my friend to the school for the blind today… and yes, we actually made it there lol

There was no rain or fog or boulders in the roadway to keep us from getting there this time (unlike Tuesday).

The rain comes back tomorrow according to the meteorologists and we\’re in for another big storm.

While waiting for my friend at the school, I decided to call up a good friend and mentor and we talked about a bunch of stuff and bounced ideas off of each other. 

Between that talk and another shorter one after I got home, I got some great ideas for Traffic Magic!

Our talk went on a little longer than I planned, so I had to hurry to the temple for my appointment there.

I had a great time in the temple – very spiritual – and I\’m very glad I went.

Then I picked up my friend and we headed home in heavy traffic.

She called me \”popular\” because I got two calls that I answered (I don\’t answer all my calls, only those from people I know – especially while driving). LOL

When I got home, I called both those people back and we talked more LOL.

And then it was time for dinner … phew, a busy day!

A break from my normal routine, with the trip to the temple and all the calls, but I had planned, at least for the temple, so I knew I wasn\’t going to get as much done business-wise.

It\’s important to take time for ourselves spiritually as well.  

It\’s part of that rest and recovery we need in order to be fully engaged.

How do you make time in your life for recovery and rejuvenation?  

You know some of mine, I\’d like to hear some of yours.

I promised you a story about how mindset has affected my life…

So let me tell you a big and very personal one…

You probably don\’t know this, but I suffer from Major Depression… and I mean MAJOR.

Sometimes the doctors say Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and sometimes they say Bipolar II with tendency towards Depression, but either way, it\’s bad.

So bad, in fact, that I have been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years (the last time only about 2 years ago).

I have tried to commit suicide more than once.

I have been on practically every psychiatric medication (and still take several).

I have been in therapy constantly, both individual and group.

And nothing worked.  I thought it would never get better and I pretty much gave up hope.

I accepted that I would never be able to work again, that I would always be thinking about jumping off a bridge, and that I would never feel good – in fact, I could barely remember or imagine what it would be like to feel good.

A few years ago, we started ECT treatments (or what you may know as shock treatments) because nothing else was working and it had given me brief times of relief in the past.

Now, ECT is really not as bad as it seems or as it used to be.

And it helped break the pattern and started to give me some relief again.

I started to see a little light out of the deep, dark hole I was in.

I still held out little hope of ever being really functional again and I didn\’t do much to get out.

Slowly, as I started to see a little light, I started to change my mindset. 

I started to see hope and visualize more hope… and I was able to act on it.

Sometimes just little things, but slowly, over time, it\’s grown into bigger and bigger things.

Until now…

When I\’ve produced two products of my own and have plans for several more.

When I\’ve made money in my business.

When I can teach others the things I\’ve learned.

So what can you take away from all this?

The major things I see are…

When my mindset was no hope, no chance, I acted little or nothing or even did things to make it worse.

When my mindset was seeing the light, and seeing that things could change… they did change and they\’ve led to success.

The ECT helped, yes, it helped break the cycle and let me think of something else. 

But it only gave me the opportunity.

What really made the difference was when I took hold of my mindset and encouraged it and strengthened it and ACTED on it.

Imagine, if someone with my psychiatric history can start to see success (and I plan much greater success to come my way)…

What can you do with your life?


Let us know what you think...