General Conference, April 2022

\"\"There were so many good talks today. So much about repentance and I particularly remember the teachings about the celestial kingdom and eternal exaltation. 

Also there were 17 new temples announced in addition to the 44 that are currently under construction or previously announced. Temples are being built so quickly and so many. Such an amazing sign.


I am so grateful for all the temples that we have and the opportunity to attend them and do work for our ancestors.

Random Thoughts

What did I do great today…

  • I spent time with my friend, Rosalyn, watching conference together and building a puzzle between sessions.
  • I learned a great deal from conference.
  • I packed up a lot of the stuff in my house with help from my real estate agent and his friend.

My poor cat, Atten, is very stressed. He had two strangers hanging out in his house for a couple hours today and now there are boxes and suit cases everywhere. He\’s not sure what to do. Hopefully he\’ll be able to de-stress tonight and settle into our usual routine. It\’s going to be rough on him for the next week or more while we get moved and settle into the new house.

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