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Setting up your Hosting Account


You will need to chose a place to host your blog or website.  Although there are free options out there, having your own hosting account gives you the most control over your website.

There are many many options for hosting providers these days.  Consistent among the top of them is Site 5. I have used them for quite a few years.  Customer service is excellent and their plans are among the best avaiable.  I was lucky to get in early on with an exceptional plan with unlimited domains, storage and bandwidth.  And recently they have brought it back again!  Even if you have only one site now, you will probably want more later, so don’t limit yourself with a one domain account.

Questions to consider about your hosting account

You should of course weigh the merits of varioius hosing companies.

  • What types of plans do they have?
  • How much does the plan that fits my needs cost?
  • How do their plans compare to that of other companies?
  • Do they provide the software you need?  PHP, Ruby, Perl, etc.
  • How is their customer service?  Do they have phone, chat, email, support desk, and/or forums?
  • How do they rank among other hosting providers?

I highly recommend Site 5.

Linux or Windows Hosting

Unless you really need to host something on Windows, chose Linux hosting.  The reasons for that are primarily security and speed.  In addition, most software for your website, such as WordPress or Drupal runs on Linux.  Save yourself a lot of headaches and use Linux.

I’ll soon post how to set up your blog.

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