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Choosing and Registering a Domain Name


For the purposes of social networking and blogging,  your first domain name should be your own name if possible.  People are interested in you.  And you probably don’t know what niche topic you might end up blogging aobut .  So to start out, pick a domain that contains your name.

Choosing your Domain Name

Ideally that will be your first and last name.  As you can see, mine is  However, some names may not be available.  So, have in mind a few other options. Such as adding your middle initial, or using your first initial.  If you really can’t find something and you have a certain topic you’d like to blog about, add keywords from that topic to the domain name.

A few other suggestions:

  • Keep it short – some say under 20 characters if possible which for most names should be plenty.
  • Use a .com extension – when people think of websites they assume .com with only a few exceptions (such as non-profits which should be .org).  Do not choose a .me, .mobi, .org, etc. extension.  As a last resort you can use .net, but try to find something that is .com first.  Other extensions have their place and are useful, but in general you want a .com.

Registering your Domain

Now that you have a domain name in mind, it’s time to go register it.  Chose a good, reputable domain name registrar.  There are plenty of them, but I use GoDaddy for my domains.  They are always among the top rated registrars.  I have been using them for years and have transferred all my domains there that were scattered to other registrars.  So here’s a link to GoDaddy, I highly recommend them.  There used to be really low priced domain registrars but rarely anymore, sometimes you can find great deals at GoDaddy, so watch for them.

A few suggestions:

  • Don’t search for a domain name until you are ready to buy.  You can lose it if you do, there are people who watch the searches and buy up the ones being searched for and try to sell it at a much higher cost.  It’s probably less likely with your name and less common now than it was a few years ago, but I lost that way and it still happens.
  • When you register your domain, register for as many years as you can.  Never less than 2 years, but 5 or more is better.  The longer it is registered, the higher value it will have in search engines and the less likely it will be seen as fly-by night website.

So go visit GoDaddy and register your domain.  Soon I’ll do another article on setting up web hosting.

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