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Best Way Submit a Successful Talk Proposal


Ask the conference organizers what they would like to hear about.

I did this for a conference and guess what!  I suppose it won’t always work, but I gave a list of topics I thought I could present on.  They told me which ones they would like to see at the conference. And wa-la, I’m speaking at CakeFest 2014!

Here’s the abstract

AngularJS Fundamentals Tutorial

Rosina Bignall
Aug, 24th (17:00 – 17:40)
AngularJS is the fastest growing Javascript framework and for good reason. Come learn why and watch while we build a simple application (no it won’t be the standard To Do app) right before your very eyes!

If you haven’t used AngularJS, this talk is definitely for you. If you do any front end work at all, you need to know about AngularJS. If you’re using AngularJS already I may be able to answer some of your questions and we’ll talk about best practices when building an Angular app. We may even touch on some more advanced features.

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