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AngularZF1 Updates


In 2012 Gregory Wilson and I started the AngularZF1 project to make it easy to enable Angular JS in your views.

AngularZF1 is a Zend Framework version 1 resource plugin to enable AngularJs in your views. It is a fork from the ZendX_JQuery component. In contrast to ZendX_JQuery, this plugin automatically switches between non and SSL depending on your server configuration.

I’ve been adding new plugins to AngularZF1. It now includes plugins for angular-resource, angular-sanitize, angular-ui, angular-uibootstrap, angular-animate, angular-aria, angular-messages, angular-material, and angular-filter.

Today I updated the AngularZF1 documentation with information on the new plugins and more detailed description of the resource options available in the configuration.

Please feel free to take a look and let me know if you see anything that needs updating.

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